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Retiree Dental

There are two dental plans available that retirees may choose from. Choice 1 is underwritten by CIGNA Dental and Choice 2 is underwritten by Metropolitan Life. Spouse and dependent coverage is available with both plans.

Choice 1 - CIGNA Dental

Choice 1 is a dental HMO that lets you choose a dentist from CIGNA's network of almost 33,000 dentists and specialists.

With this plan you'll receive routine preventive services (exams, x-rays, cleanings) at no charge.

And with Choice 1 you'll have no waiting periods, no deductibles and no annual or lifetime maximums.

Monthly Rates:

Member                       -  $25.25

Member & Spouse      -  $44.86

Choice 2 - Metropolitan Life

Choice 2 is a more traditional plan that lets you pick either a network or a non-network dentist.

With this plan there is no deductible for routine preventive services (exams, x-rays, cleanings) and you get the freedom to choose any dentist you want.

Monthly Rates:

Member                      -  $44.98

Member & Spouse      -  $82.85

So...what's the difference?

Choice 1 has lower rates, no deductibles, and you have to choose a dentist in CIGNA's preferred network.

Choice 2 has higher rates, a $50 annual deductible, and you get to choose any dentist you want. 

Quick tip with Choice 2: you can save $ by choosing an in-network dentist

Call us at 1-888-507-1368 to enroll in this valuable coverage.

Click on a pdf to view brochures with complete plan information, or to download an application and a Pension Deduction form.

Acrobat PDF File Choice 1 Brochure            Acrobat PDF File  Choice 1 Application

Acrobat PDF File Choice 2 Brochure            Acrobat PDF File  Choice 2 Application

Acrobat PDF File  Pension Deduction Form

If you choose to download an application, please complete it in full, and send it to:

Pearl Carroll & Associates

12 Cornell Rd.

Latham, NY 12110